05. Acts

This book was written by Luke between 63-70 AD. It is about the development of the early church after Jesus ascended to heaven and is a bridge between the Gospel books and the letters of the Apostles in the New Testament.

After Jesus was taken up to heaven he told his followers to preach the Gospel to all nations. How could this task be accomplished while the number of his followers was so few and they were all ordinary, uneducated people? In addition to that, the entire Roman Empire and Jewish society were hostile to them!

This book is about the work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God that Jesus promised came upon the believers as they prayed together in a small house in El Qods. They started sharing the Gospel wherever they went…in synagogues, in market places, in schools, in people’s homes……Like a single spark that started a prairie fire and finally light up the whole Roman Empire.

The gospel was first preached to the Jews but they rejected it. It reached to the non-Jews as it was planned by God.