04. The Gospel of John

This gospel was written by John between 85-90 AD. Among the twelve disciples John was the closest one to Jesus. He also wrote the three epistles of John and the book of Revelation.

John starts the gospel by explaining how Christ existed before the creation of the world and how he came as a human. He describes Jesus’ testimony to the Jews and their rejection of him.

John was the disciple who witnessed Jesus’ death as he stood at the cross when Jesus was crucified. He was also the one who first went into the empty tomb and witnessed the resurrection of Jesus. Hence John recorded in detail Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection and how he appeared to people before ascending to heaven as an eye witness.

This gospel helps us to know Jesus’ identity as he claimed himself to be: “I am the bread of life.”(6:41) “I am the light of the world.”(8:12) “I am the gate of the sheep.”(10:7) “I am the good shepherd.”(10:11) “I am the resurrection and the life.”(11:25) “I am the way, the truth, the life.” (14:6) “I am the vine.”(15:1)

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